Blackpowder Morris follow a very relaxed attitude to Morris tradition, if we like it we'll probably do it - our way.  being based in the Bonfire centre of the known universe gives us a certain attitude to being told how to do something. This attitude is called awkward. Or, in Lewes language, we won't be druv. So we dress like a border side but dance Cotswold - border style. Somewhat unsurprisingly our border dancing tends to look a bit Cotswold -except when it doesn't. The only certainty is that we, and our audience, will be enjoying what we do.


Currently Blackpowder are seeking a drummer to join the group, you'll need to be able to follow the dancers or the lead musicians. Interested? Get in touch via the contact page or come and talk to us when we are out and about.

When we Practice and Where

We practice at Westgate Church Hall  in Lewes on Tuesday evenings 7pm to 9pm.  The Practice season starts in early September and lasts through to May. In May we start our dance out season.  We welcome newcomers until November just email our Bagman via the contacts page to let us know you are coming.

What do I wear?

Loose clothes and trainers  - bring a drink and a positive attitude.

What do I need to do?

Be at practice regularly to learn the dances and the stepping. You'll also have to be prepared to dance out  regularly with us between May and September. Dancing out is what we do, it is quite demanding but great fun.  Be ready to perform your first dance out for the first time in January at our Wassail.

What happens in the dance out season?

You'll be invited to all of our stands, you choose which ones you'd like to attend and sign up for them. That's it, you're now out and dancing The Morris.

 Look forward to meeting you!

It's all about the Dance.

 We are now in our dancing out season and all practice is over.  The next open practice for new members takes place in October 2018. If you have danced out previously with another side and have Morris experience then please feel free to contact us via the contact link. 

Musicians are by invite only - thanks for your interest.

Black Powder Morris and a Rook called Rookie.

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