In March 2014 Commercial Square Bonfire Society exported their very own brand of madness to Waldshut in Germany, the group were under strict orders to perform something English, something unique, something that summarised English eccentricity. After many long hours and much deep thought a cunning plan was devised;  to combine Morris dancing and Bonfire.  And so, from the crucible of Lewes Bonfire, Morris dancing, and German hospitality, Black Powder Morris was born.  Such was the success of the group that they baptised themselves with ale and then thought of a name - Black Powder Morris accompanied by a dragon called Cedric *.


When 'The Black Powder' returned to England they found they had become Morris Dancers (as opposed to morris dancers) and were asked to perform at local events and venues. Black Powder Morris  continue to practise, play, and enjoy their own version of morris dancing,  they write dances, drink ale, laugh, and work at the merry business of The Morris.


If you fancy dancing with us, playing music with us, or any combination of the two contact us via the contact page. We practise in Lewes on Tuesdays, hope to see you there.


* Blackpowder Morris accompanied by a dragon called Cedric is a long name, but Cedric was determined not to be left out and as arguing with a dragon is a bit iffy all present decided it was an excellent name.


After a chance viewing of   'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'  Cedric felt the need to travel. In the lead up to the Christmas of 2016 Cedric attended his leaving party at the Elephant. With many tears and hugs he left . Wherever  you are Cedric and whatever you are doing we wish you well. 

Quite by chance one of Blackpowder's members (June Flanagan) was adopted by a very young and very large rook. Rookie (as she was known) looked after June by drinking copious amounts of Harvey's and eating the local artisan bread.  Rookie continues to care for June and frequently accompanies her when she dances out. 

Black Powder Morris and a Rook called Rookie.

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